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Autor Tema: Sportex Carat GT-S  (Pročitano 1267 puta)

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Sportex Carat GT-S
« poslato: 08 Decembar 2020, 13:23:58 »
Brz, moderan i moćan - ovo su ključne karakteristike nove Carat GT-S serije Sportex varaličaraca.
Blank je od T1100 grafita sa specijalnim epoksidnim smolama i nano materijalima poboljšane osetljivosti.
Poseduje ergonomski 3K rukohvat, Seaguide SIC karike K oblika, karbonski DPS halter sa FUJI kapama (držačima mašinice) i Seaguide ‘D-Hook’ držač udice.

Sportex Carat GT-S

Top-class spinning rod jewel with perfect finishing touches

An elegant power tool designed to inspire any angler. Thanks to its newly developed blank, the Carat GT-S shimmers with eye-opening speed, casting performance, sensitivity and power every time it’s used on the water. It will put a glint in the eye of even the most demanding spinning enthusiast.

Carat GT-S

Fast, modern, and powerful – these are the key features of the completely upgraded Carat GT-S series. Thanks to the use of our latest T1100 Helicore blank, with special epoxy resin and nano-materials, these rods are even more impressive than the previous version, with better loading characteristics when it comes to long casts calling for real precision. In additon, we have succeeded in improving the rod’s fine sensitivity, with the tip immediately signalling every fish contact. Ergonomic 3K split handles round off the innovative appearance and, together with the fast action, guarantee extremely direct transfer of the bite right down to the handle. Other top quality features include Seaguide SIC guides in K style,
a carbon DPS reel seat with FUJI hoods, and a Seaguide ‘D-Hook’ hook keeper. An extraordinary series of rods for scoring success on the water.

Carat GT-S ULR

The perfect rod for finesse fishing with very lightweight baits for trout, perch and other species. The extremely fast and sensitive tip section transfers even the most cautious take – and makes sure the hook stays put. The short version is ideally suited for presenting the bait under overhanging branches on small streams.
Carat GT-S Seatrout – Finesse

Our special rods with extra sensitive tip sections for successfully tackling sea trout. This model is exceptionally well-suited for using sbirulinos, bombardas floats or blinker spoons. Thanks to the special action of the blank, even fierce attempts to get away are brought entirely under control, avoiding unnecessary loss of fish. We developed the ‘finesse’ version particularly for fishing with thin lines and small, lightweight lures. Thanks to the filigree tip, trout swallow the lure without any worries, and that ups the catch quota! All Seatrout rods come with top quality natural cork handles and a practical length marker to measure the fish you land.

Carat GT-S Travel

The reliable companion for every predator angler. The key feature of this model is that you can fish it in two different lengths. When the last part but one is removed, the 3-metre rod becomes a compact 2.4-metre alternative. Despite the change in length, the two rods have almost identical actions.

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Odg: Sportex Carat GT-S
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