Shimano Power Aero 14000

Započeo Dragan Nešković, 06 Oktobar 2023, 12:30:14

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Dragan Nešković

The Power Aero certainly lives up to its name. The sleek two-tone finish oozes quality and contains the very latest engineering and gearing technology to match the dedicated modern-day anglers needs. It has been built to be able to persevere in the most demanding environments and keeps on performing when exposed to the elements

• SHIMANO'S toughest, most powerful long range reel
• Compact aluminium HAGANE BODY for maximum durability in extreme conditions
• INFINITY DRIVE for increased cranking efficiency and RIGID CAST for improved casting

The Power Aero is available in three large 14000 sized models. If you are a carp or specimen angler the Power Aero XTC has a dark stealth-like colouration that is sure to appeal to you. Alternatively the Power Aero XSC has a silver colouration more favoured by surfcasting anglers and is available in two variants. The standard XSC version has a 4.3:1 gear ratio, which retrieves a massive 103cm of line per handle turn, giving you awesome speed when you need it most. The 'Power Gear' PGXSC version has a slower 3.5:1 high torque gear ratio making it perfect for playing outsized fish or applying the ultimate in constant cranking pressure.   

Available in 14000 size, weighing 500g, 8/1 ball bearings.

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