Varivas Violente

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Length: 9' 8"
Weight: 168g
Casting Weights: 8-28g

More Information
For the angler that like something different, here is the Varivas Violente range. These lure rods are more a medium action, rather than the fast and ultra fast action rods that are so popular recently.

These light, crisp, medium action rods are an absolute beautiful piece of workmanship, they are understated and blend in with the crowd. But as soon as you pick one up and use it, you understand the Japanese have lure rods prefected.

Fitted with the highest quality Fuji fittings, reel seat and Titanium eyes.

These rods are lightweight and designed for the lure angler that knows exactly what he wants. If you are looking for a rod that is lighter than anything you've used, and you know the precise casting weights you require, then the Varivas Sea Rambler Violente range is deffinately worth a look at.....