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There will be no missed takes with this impressive series of rods. Designed with pike, perch and zander in mind, they cover the entire range of modern active fishing. We have created an ultimate catching machine in all casting weight classes, with real power at your wrist right from the start. The super fast JIG-Xpert blank made of Japanese high-performance carbon has outstandingly good casting properties for precise presentation, even at extreme distances.

JIG-Xpert Perch

There are a lot of different methods for bringing our red-finned friends to where we want them. Anyone who particularly wants to try their luck with small twitch wobblers, Carolina rigs, soft lures and the like will be on to a sure thing with the models in the Perch series. Fantastically fine sensitivity in the tip area really sets these models apart. No matter how cautious the nibble, it can be identified in a flash, and then comes the strike. The longer versions in particular feature an enormously wide range of use, and really earn the title of a true all-rounder. The ultimate tool for hunting stripy predators.

JIG-Xpert Zander

No other fish is targeted more often with the jig lazy or vertical method than the zander. Perfect contact with the bait, and that sensation of the classic 'tock' when it hits the bottom; these are the keys to success. We designed the blank for this series to be just as finely sensitive and ready to respond. The extra stiff action of the rods lets you feel every structure under the water, however small it may be, and then lets you strike precisely, even over long distances.

JIG-Xpert Pike

Soft lures, wobblers, swim baits and blinkers... just some of the lures used in modern pike fishing. But not all the options can be covered by one rod, and the more specialised the lure is, the better the rod needs to be adjusted to it. Regardless of whether this involves vertical fishing or classic pike jigging, everybody will be happy with this series of rods. There's plenty of power at the tip so as to put the hook exactly in the right place Combined with a stiff spine, it puts you in the driving seat when it comes to playing the fish. People who are fans of large pike fishing will also find this series exactly to their liking. With the JX2507 model we have come up with the ideal solution for fishing stationary big-baits. This rod gets heavy lures flying way over the horizon, and those extra metres give that extra window of opportunity. As well as that, these no-compromise power packages have top flight fittings in the form of high quality SIC guides in the KL/KT style, solid TVS or ACS reel seats, and robust split Duplon handles. Just genius!


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Mene isto interesuje, konkretno ovaj Zander model. Ako neko ima iskustva ili preporuku.


VIdio ga jesam ali ga nisam protresao...Vizuelno za mene prelijepo uradjen stap...Ali drugar koji ga je protresao i natezao kaze premekan ...Ali kao i uvijek kad se uzme u obzir subjektivni osjecaj ovaj info nista ne znaci  :lol:

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