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New 2023 Daiwa IM Z Limitbreaker TW HD-C low profile baitcasting fishing reel series.

    Aluminum frame and side plate
    Hyper Drive Design (Hyper Armed Housing,
    Hyper Drive Digigear, Hyper Double Support,
    Hyper Tough Clutch)
    Intelligent Magforce
    Daiwa Connecting-System
    T-Wing System (TWS)
    ATD drag system
    G1 duralumin 38mm spool
    Zero adjuster
    Aluminum large diameter star drag
    95mm Aluminum Swept Handle
    Power round EVA knob (S)
    Made in Japan

    LED colour mode indicator: Standard, PE/Braid, Long cast, Max brake
    Battery capacity: 410mAh
    Battery charge time: about 90 minutes (when using the included USB Type-C)
    Number of throws: about 700 per one charge
    Usage environment: Operating temperature: 0 to 40 degrees, Charging temperature: 15 to 30 degrees
    Compatible OS: Android 11 or higher / iOS 13.0 or higher
    Communication method: Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.0
    Maximum communication distance: about 10m
    Frequency band used: 2.4GHz band

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